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Our Services

What you need to know

Our Services

Mental Health

Mental health and wellbeing is vital to living well. We believe in whole person care and have trained to offer you comprehensive management of the whole person – mind and body.


We offer all government scheduled immunisations as per NSW public health for general and at risk populations . We offer advice on travel , catch up and occupational Immunisations. We welcome any inquiries you may have around immunisations.

Women’s Health

We are qualified to offer the full complement of care needed over all stages of life from Health screening , to contraception, STI checks, to fertility issues, preconception, Antenatal and post natal care, to Menopause management and everything in between.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to continue to be as available to you in the safest ways possible to maintain your health and well-being. We want you to know that we are here for you and continuity of care is vital. We offer both telephone or video consultations. This is only bulk billed if Dr Moodley has seen you as a patient in the last 12 months due to Medicare changes.

Mens Health

We know that men value their health and well-being but can find engagement with their health providers sometimes challenging. We want to make that engagement as easy as possible. We want to help you have domain over all stages of life from Health screening, STI checks, to hormone imbalances and everything in between.

Children’s Health

Being a parent, carer or guardian can be difficult and challenging. We want to simplify as much as we can by working in partnership with you to raise resilient, healthy children and adolescents. We take our role seriously in providing those necessary childhood vaccinations, baby checks and in our part for early detection and management of childhood conditions and illnesses – including developmental disorders and behavioural interventions

Chronic Disease

Most people living today will be diagnosed with one or more medical conditions that they will live with for a large portion of their lives. This will need therapeutic partnerships to diagnose, treat, track and sometimes halt or even reverse these diagnoses’ impact over their lifetime. We will personalise Care Plans, EPCs, Team care arrangementsNDIS to simplify management and give you back control over your health.

Lifestyle Management 

Life is not often a style of many peoples choosing, but rather a system of unfair interactions that can have minor to severe impact on our health outcomes. Dr Moodley has undertaken further training in Lifestyle Medicine to help you address your weight or nicotine dependence or your sleep or the many “ lived behaviours” that impact our long-term health outcomes.

Preventative Health

Although we think modern medicine can cure all ills; it still has a way to go. We all know that prevention is better than cure. With well-timed regular checks ups, tailored to your needs, we can hopefully prevent or diagnose conditions such as Diabetes, Heart disease and cancer early.

Skin Cancer Clinic

Service coming soon. Stay Tuned if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff today.

Pathology On-Site

We have partnered with Australian’s newest privately owned pathology company that shares a similar commitment to better care and better value, with the latest diagnostic technology – 4Cyte Pathology. It is fully bulk billing, including ECGs and low cost for unfunded services such as non-invasive pregnancy testing, prenatal screening and 24-hour ambulatory BP monitoring.

Shared Appointments

We are excited to offer a concept new to Australian primary care. We will provide advice and education on reversing diabetes in a friendly and supportive group environment, which may be virtual, depending on COVID risk. At Myrai, we believe easy access and patient support are key ingredients to better outcomes; Shared Appointments provide all of these in one session. The Primary Health Network has chosen us to be part of a pilot program that gives us access to the pioneer of Lifestyle medicine, Prof Garry Egger. He will help us run Shared Medical Appointments and be part of an exciting revolution in health care delivery.


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