Finally the flexible access to
healthcare we all have been waiting for

Finally the flexible access to
healthcare we all have been waiting for

Let’s use Telehealth where we can

Telehealth offers the advantage of allowing you the ability to talk to your Doctor from the safety and convenience of being in your home and avoiding unnecessary travel simply by making a phone call. It abides by the core principles of physical distancing to reduce virus transmission. It limits unnecessary movement to a place where you interact with other patients and our staff, thereby eliminating any asymptomatic spread.

What can we use Telehealth for?

  • It is perfect for Chronic Disease management.
  • Renewal of scripts
  • Mental Health reviews
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Medical Certificates
  • Pathology referrals

But can also be used for the diagnosis of:

  • Suspected Covid
  • Common infections like Gastroenteritis, Urinary tract infections, Conjunctivitis
  • Rashes
  • Musculoskeletal concerns.

The above list is not exhaustive and should be treated as a guide only. Your Doctor can always change to a face to face appointment if a telehealth consult is inappropriate for the complaint. Contact us to help with bookings.

What will the cost be?

If your Doctor has physically seen you in the last 12 months, Telehealth will be bulk billed. If the Covid restrictions are increased, Telehealth is accessible to all Medicare cardholders.

How does a telehealth consult work:

  • At the approximate time of your appointment, you will get a call from your Doctor to start the video or phone consult.
  • You need to keep your phone nearby at all times, off silent mode and ensure you are in a quiet space with a reliable connection.
  • If you have not heard from the practitioner more than 15 mins after your scheduled start time, contact the clinic via the reception as other medical emergencies may affect appointment times.

Can I still come into the clinic?

YES, EXCEPT if you say yes to any of our screening questions.

If a face-to-face appointment is required, we may sometimes start the appointment via Telehealth (e.g. while you sit in your car in the car park) and only ask you to come into the clinic when ready to start the physical examination or treatment.

Suppose we return to having all appointments defaulting to Telehealth. In that case, any face-to-face consultations will need to be started by Telehealth before you enter the clinic.

What is the privacy policy of a Telehealth consult?

All data is hosted in Australia and complies with Australian Cyber Security Centre requirements. At no stage does any data go overseas. The video/audio is not recorded. All your medical information is stored as per usual in your secure electronic health record that is only accessible by authorised staff at our practice.

What if I need a document printed? Prescriptions, blood tests, radiology tests, referrals, etc.?

All documents can be printed and signed by our Doctor, and then sent to you and/or the required destination without you coming to the clinic in person. Options include faxing, email and postal mail.

Note: your consent is required for documents to be emailed as emails are not generally considered “secure” and privacy/security cannot be guaranteed.


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